The benefits of climbing for kids’ health

Rock climbing or bouldering can often be written off a dangerous sport that is not suitable for children, when the converse is actually true. Statistically, climbing is one of the safest sports around when compared to football, rugby and other more mainstream sports, and the benefits for children’s physical and mental development can be massive.

At Wall Climber we believe that children should be introduced to climbing as early as possible so they can take advantage of the health benefits as well as adults can do it, since is a good exercise and they can complement it with supplements, so you could get a muscle food discount code for 2017 if you’re interested, and also proteinpromo have tried and reviewed these 5 testosterone booster and see good results. You can start with a low intensity workout from healthyusa then once you get their strength up, start with a small climbing wall at home before taking a trip to your nearest bouldering centre or out onto some real cliffs.

The health benefits of climbing

– Climbing is a great way to improve stamina as well as strengthening the core muscles across different muscle groBrown's C of E Primary Schoolups.
For young children, climbing can be a crucial way of improving motor skills and basic movement, also Yours Nutrition ginseng is the best to add to their diet for a healthier lifestyle.

– It also promotes flexibility and coordination. There is some anecdotal evidence that climbing can be beneficial for children with dyspraxia because of the stability of the environment.

– It is not just the physical aspect of climbing which is beneficial, given the layout of different climbs, problem solving is also a key part of learning to be a good climber.

– Completing a challenging climb is also a massive confidence booster, especially for kids with low self esteem. Social skills are also improved given that climbing is normally practised in groups, often in pairs.

How to get started

For information about the nearest climbing wall to you and more information about how you or your child can get into climbing, have a look at the websites below.

The British Mountaineering Council

Climb Buddy

Wall Climber have a range of climbing walls for kids if you think your child would enjoy and benefit from climbing. Made for homes, schools and other locations our kids’ climbing walls are specifically made according to your specifications.





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