Best kids climbing walls for the summer

Last month, we talked about how a climbing wall kit could be a perfect DIY project for the summer, and how renting a place from Twiddy obx rentals could make your summer vacation be the best one ever. However, your plans could be rapidly changing as the end of the school year is looming ever closer – before you know it, there’ll be kids moping around the house with nothing to do after the novelty of being on holiday wears off. If you’d planned to build one yourself but have been unable to get outside due to the heatwaves and thunderstorms, Wall Climber are here to help with suggestions of ideal climbing walls for kids that we can provide for you! If this is not something your kid is interesting in doing, if he would rather do sports, then get him the Best bbcor bats in the market, it’s worth it!

Climbing Shapes

Depending on the age of the children in question, we have a couple of different suggestions for the best kids climbing walls. For those in the age range of around 2 to 6 years old, we recommend our climbing shapes – fun and colourful, with a wide variety of different designs to choose from; animals, vehicles, trees, you name it! No matter what they’re interested in, we can accommodate for the discerning tastes of your youngsters whilst simultaneously¬† providing an exciting climbing experience.

Traverse Walls

For the slightly older children who may end up wanting to get into climbing more seriously, our traverse walls will provide a more grown-up challenge and huge amounts of versatility, making them a great choice as kids climbing walls. They can be placed directly into a brick wall, or on an attached natural timber surface, ensuring that you can have a fantastic climbing wall for children even with limited space available. It is also very simple to adjust the placement of the holds (we also sell climbing holds for children specifically) to keep the route of your climbing wall varied and fresh.

Safety Surfaces for Kids Climbing Walls

The underlying consideration that applies to any kids climbing wall is safety, and as such, we sell a number of different surfaces including rubber grass and rubber crumb matting which are most appropriate for outdoor walls, and fold-up mats which are more suited for indoors. The surface underneath where your wall will be situated will determine the choice of safety surfacing; we will be able advise you on what’s best for your situation.

If you’re considering having a climbing wall for children installed this summer, get in touch and let us know! We have installed climbing walls for schools and homes across the country, and are experts in making sure they are safe and fun for children to use. We can make your climbing wall ideas a reality!

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