Climbing bunk bed – a kids climbing wall with a difference!

Today, we want to highlight one of our more unusual (but awesome) products – the climbing bunk bed. This is, in essence, exactly what it sounds like – a bunk bed that doubles up as a climbing wall for kids, thanks to the holds that traverse around the side before ascending at the headboard to allow access up to the top bunk. If you have children who may be interested in or already participate in climbing, this is a perfect addition to their bedroom. The holds can be rearranged to provide a variety of routes, or even increase the challenge where necessary, made easier by the fact that a single type of bolt is used during assembly.

Given that winter is not the ideal season for doing activities such as climbing outdoors, the climbing bunk bed is the ideal solution if you don’t have the space or budget to have a kids climbing wall inside your house. It should make bedtime a bit more interesting too – no more having trouble convincing them to get in bed given that the whole point is to climb to the top anyway! Finally, it will undoubtedly impress any friends who come round to stay, since not many people have a bed which also doubles up as a kids climbing wall!

Buy a kids climbing wall bunk bed from Wall Climber

If you’re interested in purchasing a climbing bunk bed, look no further than Wall Climber. We provide a completely unique product that comes with full, simple assembly instructions, making the whole process incredibly easy. The overall build quality is of a very high standard, and this robust kids climbing wall is durable enough to withstand extensive usage. Available for delivery or collection from our Sheffield workshop, buy one today and add a whole new dimension to your children’s bedroom – this could be the ultimate Christmas present!

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