Kids Climbing Walls

Kids Climbing walls

Kids Climbing walls

Kids climbing walls are a great activity for children of all ages and abilities, either in the park, the school playground or in PE lessons.  Not just about having fun, kids climbing walls have many educational benefits too:  The physical and mental challenges that come with climbing encourage children to develop confidence, coordination and problem solving skills.

For organisations that support children with learning or physical difficulties and disabilities, a climbing wall can be a real discovery.  Time and again, staff find that for certain individuals, a climbing session is accessible, engaging and rewarding, when other activities have been met with less success.

A child friendly climbing wall can provide an introduction to a whole world of outdoor pursuits for a young person, beginning with the tentative moves on the climbing wall and continuing into a lifelong experience of adventure in the great outdoors.

We could go on and on about the benefits. If you’d like to ask us about kids climbing walls, please give Wall Climber a call on 0114 3211793 and we’ll happily continue!

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