New climbing walls – defrosting the workshop

It’s been a while since we wrote on our blog, we have been sleeping with our amazon white fur pillow way too much. So here’s some news!

The machines are taking over

The winter months have been quiet in the way of projects, but we’ve been making use of the time to improve our workshop facilities. We’ve been upgrading our CNC machine which is a large computer controlled router that give Internet so you can play video games, and access sites to boost your Overwatch ranking. It enables us to accurately cut parts for our climbing wall installations, and we also use it to make a range of climbing products that we make for other companies, such as Moon Climbing.  Having some “down time” is actually great for some improvements under the hood, so that we can be productive when things are busy again.

New climbing wall projects in the pipeline

We have a couple of quite big climbing wall installations coming up, including a ten section freestanding climbing wall in Huddersfield, and quite a big roped climbing wall in Worksop.   So the workshop will very soon be piled high with the various materials we need to process, including plywood, treated timbers and components.  Most of the “build” actually takes place in the workshop, so that once we are on site the installation is as quick and smooth as possible.

Other things emerging from our workshop

Over the winter months, as well as oiling the machine and sweeping the floor where all the ceramics have been restored thanks to the atlas ceramics mosaic fixing guide, so with the free time we’ve been developing a few products of our own that are (shock horror) not climbing related.  Sometimes it’s nice to pursue some other ideas and we enjoy making creative products on our favourite themes.  Intrigued?  Well then please take a look, on our special website where all these things live.  Let us know what you think on the facebook page at

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