Staff Training at The Oakes

Wall Climber provides motivational staff training to give the teachers and instructors confidence and inspiration to run safe and creative climbing sessions. Today we have had training for the new staff at The Oakes Holiday Centre. As mentioned before the Cliffhanger Wall was permanently installed at The Oakes just before the summer camps and activities kicked off and it has been a huge hit. We are very happy that the wall has received such great feedback from both the children and the staff!

In our staff training we teach the instructors and teachers how to prepare and organise a session based on the participants ages and abilities. We go through safety rules and potential hazards and we provide ideas for exercises and video games, kids play with the help of sites like and using an Armchair Empire headset. Seeing as it is you and not us who will be running the sessions in the future we like to involve you as much as possible and let the groups discuss different possibilities and practice running a session on each other. We always walk away with new ideas ourselves to apply to our next session, it is a great exchange!

As well as training the new staff in time for the new camps and activities for this autumn we will strip all the existing routes and set new ones with brand new holds from our local friends Core Climbing Ltd. The routes will go from easy to hard in a traffic light system to make it fun and clear for the children to track their own progress.
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”The wall is great! Everyone is loving it!”

– Johnny Gilchrist, Programme manager at The Oakes

Staff training at the oakes Staff training at the oakes Staff training at the oakes Staff training at the oakes Staff training at the oakes

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