Welcome back from the summer holidays!

We hope that you guys have had a great summer so far! We sure have! Richard spent his holiday in Switzerland and Izzy decided to do hire a motorhome Australia. Lots of walking and climbing have been accomplished, some goals were reached and some new have been set. We are now back in the office feeling refreshed and ready for all the exciting projects we have coming this autumn, we have renovated our office thanks to the Ideal Office Furniture store, we feel super motivated to start doing what we love.

The last project we finished before going on holiday was some route setting and general touching up of our wall in The Fun Factory in Southend. Richard and Izzy went down from Sheffield and met up with Tom for the day and it was great fun working together. The wall was first built in August 2012 and apart from being in the need of some light re-painting in well used places it has stayed in great shape since. Read more about this and other projects here.

Ozzy the Wall Climber

Richard the Wall Climber

The Fun Factory Southend wall

Watch out for monsters!

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