What makes a good climbing wall design for children?

When designing a climbing wall for kids, there are different considerations to bear in mind than when designing a wall for adults. It’s important that the wall you design is attractive and exciting for small children in order to maintain their attention and to get them interested in the first place. Remember that children have vivid imaginations and a fun and well thought out climbing wall design can become part of their ever so important play time.

Here at Wall Climber we are proud to produce children’s climbing walls for schools and homes up and down the country. Here’s some of the things we consider when designing a climbing wall for children:

An obvious one perhaps, but kids loves colourful things and climbing walls are not different. When you start your climbing wall design, always to be sure to include a variety of bright and eye catching colours. Red is supposed to encourage physical activity and excitement and yellow can help to motivate and energise certain children.

A variety of shapes keeps a climbing wall interesting, with particular characters or animals making a wall seems less daunting and more like part of the playground. In our climbing wall shapes series we have everything from tractors to dinosaurs. In normal freestanding climbing walls we also include large 3D shapes to give a range of sizes to the wall and add an extra dimension.

Smooth, specifically designed holds for small hands help to make a climbing wall easier for kids to use. A variety of shapes and achievable reaches will also help to make a climbing wall a hit with the youngsters.

Another way to keep a climbing wall interesting for kids is to mix up the angles, such as our 3D pentagon which can be climbed from the inside with a +20° angle or from the outside with a -20 ° angle.

Not so much to do with the climbing wall design per se, but safety is the most important thing to consider when creating a kids’ climbing wall. Walls should be realistic and shouldn’t cause children to overreach and potentially injure themselves. A good quality safety surface is also a must to cushion short falls.

If you’re interested in children’s climbing wall for your school or home, get in touch today and we can work with you to create a fun and interesting design to suit your needs.

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