Climbing Tower

  • Climbing Tower

Our monster climbing tower is 8 metres high, with 6 roped wall faces. With two or three routes on each face, this can provide from 12 to 18 different routes to try! It’s good looking and long lasting.

Giant manufactured “Glulam” timber poles combine with a galvanised steel framework that locks it together and provides the belay points. It is secured down onto a huge concrete base, hidden away under the safety surfacing.

The routes on the wall will be set up to suit your ability range – from child beginners through to expert adults; or expert children to beginner adults!

On site training can be provided for staff who will be leading sessions on the climbing tower, enabling them to confidently instruct all ages.

Tower Illustration with Specs Climbing Tower

Climbing Tower Useage

  • Wide range of holds and 3D volumes, made in Sheffield by Core Climbing Ltd
  • 18 climbing routes of appropriate difficulty levels – grades and details provided
  • Features to suit GCSE P.E. Climbing Syllabus including jamming crack, layback, mantle-shelf
  • Also suitable for manual rigging of abseil in accordance with GCSE requirements
  • Provides belay points for traditional or auto-belays

Climbing Tower Dimensions

  • Total height 8m
  • Each panelled face 2m width
  • Tower width 3.6m
  • Base/flooring width 6.5m
  • Total climbing surface area 88m/sq

Climbing Tower Structure

  • Hot-dip Galvanised Tubular Steel Framework
  • 4 x “Glulam” Douglas Fir/Larch laminated timber columns
  • Reinforced concrete base to a depth of approx. 1m
  • Stainless Steel Fixings throughout
  • Conforms to BS EN 12572-1:2007 Artificial Climbing Structures
  • Structural design approved by our chartered structural engineers

Climbing Tower Surface

  • Roped climbing faces in 3 “bays”
  • Attractive and long lasting plywood panelling system
  • Epoxy Resin laminated for ultimate durability
  • CNC machined for accuracy

Safety Surface (included)

  • 100mm thick rubber crumb surface
  • 36m/sq surface area
  • Pre-moulded tiles bonded to the tower’s concrete base
  • Can be installed with a ramped edge or flush to the ground level


Want to know more?  Get in touch by phone or email and we’ll talk it through.


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