Kids Climbing Walls

Climbing is a fantastic way for children to get exercise and some fresh air. At Wall Climber we specialise in climbing walls for kids of all age groups, with a focus on quality apparatus and the highest levels of safety. Our kids climbing walls are fun, interesting and extremely pleasing on the eye, making them perfect for youngsters. Unsurprisingly, these are very popular in schools, and we have installed numerous kids climbing walls for schools all over the country – check out our projects map to see where Wall Climber has got to!

Different types of kids climbing walls

A climbing wall for children can come in all shapes and sizes, and here at Wall Climber, we have a selection of different types to suit the location of the wall and the age group that it is designed for. Two of the most relevant types of wall for children are traverse walls and climbing shapes.

Traverse walls are extremely versatile kids climbing walls which simply attach onto a pre-existing building wall, either direct onto the brick or via a natural timber surfacing. This makes them ideal for when space is at a premium, and the kids absolutely love them! If your children are getting bored of the same old routes, you can easily mix up the holds to create new challenges and keep them on their toes (literally)!

Climbing shapes are similar to traverse walls but combine a fun shape with a climbing challenge, making them ideal for very small children. This particular kids climbing wall can be customised according to what your child likes best, with up to 30 different shapes available, from trees to dinosaurs.

Safety first

At Wall Climber, we know how important it is for kids to be safe when climbing. As part of the ordering and installing process for a kids climbing wall, we have a range of safety surfaces to ensure that if your child does have a fall, they will be properly cushioned as they land. We offer a choice of surfaces including chippings, matting and fold up mats.

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