Timber Playground Boulder

Our natural timber playground boulder provides a great range of climbing challenges for the primary and infant age range.

Playground Boulder Features

  • 3 different angles; slab, vertical and overhang
  • Traversing routes for climbing all the way round
  • Vertical routes to climb on to the top
  • Easy descent down the sloped front face
  • Optional upgrade to enable use as a playground store

All with our usual range of safety surfaces to suit either tarmac playgrounds, grassed areas or pretty much anything else.

Want to know more?  Get in touch by phone or email and we’ll talk it through.

Built from our attractive treated timber panelling and sturdy poles, these playground climbing walls have a real “adventure playground” feel to them.  We’ve designed it to suit children from 3 to 10 years old.  The climbing routes are set to suit your age and ability range. Children can climb up onto the top, and climb back down the easy front face when they’re finished!  Or they can work their way round one of the traverse routes on the sides of the boulder.

We are also planning more, larger boulders to suit a higher age range and include features such as slides and rope challenges.

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