Core Climbing Holds Technical Information


Only the highest-grade materials make it into Core Climbing holds. A reinforced composite resin makes them both hardwearing and high strength.

Core Climbing holds conform and exceed:

  • EN 12572-3, Artificial Climbing Structures
  • Part 3: Safety requirements and test methods for climbing holds.

Larger holds have been reduced to make them lighter in weight and easier to handle.


All holds (excluding screw-ons) can take either a countersunk or cap head bolt as standard. For larger holds or holds with an elongated shape, we have added a counter screw placement to prevent spinning on wooden walls. For the Mini Volumes, we advise using a bolt and at least one screw. Where no specific counter screw hole exists, we recommend pinning the hold with a screw around the outer circumference. Some sets also feature a special ‘mouse hole’ to allow more effective pinning.

We recommend that our bolt-on holds are fixed to a flat GRP or plywood surface, uneven surfaces risk the hold breaking upon attachment, always ensure a flat surface for hold attachment. The following torque settings are designed to be an approximate guide for fixing the holds to an even, flat surface to prevent spinning and breakages:

  • Mini Bolt-ons, Crimps, Mini Jugs, Micro Jugs, Small Crimps: 20-25Nm
  • Pockets, Medium Jugs, Roof Jugs: 25-35Nm
  • Large Jugs, Pinches, all Slopers, Mini Volumes: 35-40Nm


To effectively clean the holds we advise cleaning with a jet wash. Higher temperatures can potentially damage the fine surface of the holds which could also affect colour, we recommend temperatures to not exceed 60 degrees C.

We also recommend the use of Benky Gripwash, following the manufacturers cleaning guidelines of 6 minutes exposure to a 50% or higher solution, and briefly rinsing in clean water afterwards. A pre-rinse in water will also help by removing the surface chalk and prolonging the effectiveness of the Gripwash.