What if I have a cheaper quote from another supplier?

Ordering a climbing wall is a bit like buying a car – they will vary in specifications and quality – anything from a mini to a limousine. Similarly, virtually every climbing wall is different, and is built to suit a particular environment.

If you receive a quote with a specification that closely matches ours in terms of quality and design, we will happily cut our price to better it.

However, the difference in price could be due to a compromise on quality by the third party company. We will only be able to offer a change in design, such as the type or extent of the wall. We use long lasting, high quality components, and we want to maintain our high standards.

A common example of this is the use of non-stainless fixings in an outdoor environment. Over time, the fixings will corrode, causing them to seize and become very difficult to remove. This will prevent a route change – which is necessary every now and then, for cleaning and for new challenges to be set on the wall. Stainless steel fixings are more expensive, and yet will never pose this problem, which means your wall will last indefinately. We will be reluctant to install an outdoor wall using non-stainless fixings, unless the customer is prepared to perform regular maintenance such as lubricating the sockets.

Many organisations are required to retreive a number of quotes for a project, in order to secure funding. We would encourage you analyse the details, and give us a call to discuss any differences and features.

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