Why would I want a climbing wall?

Our first instinct is to say “Why wouldn’t you?” – but that’s because we love climbing and it makes perfect sense to us!

For an organisation such as a school, a climbing wall provides:

  • a great play time activity, or structured sessions such as during PE
  • physical and mental challenges – a new climber will quickly realise it takes more than strong arms to tackle the tricky climbing routes
  • confidence building – it’s not always the keenest who are the “naturals”, and many children discover climbing as an activity in which they can excel
  • development of coordination and problem solving skills

For certain organisations, such as those supporting children with learning or physical difficulties and disabilities, a climbing wall can be a real discovery. Time and again, staff find that for certain individuals, a climbing session is accessible, engaging and rewarding, where other activities had met with less success.

A climbing wall can provide an introduction to a whole world of outdoor pursuits for a young person – beginning with the tentative moves on the wall, and continuing into a lifelong experience of adventure in the great outdoors.

We could go on and on about the benefits. If you’d like to ask us about it, please give us a call and we’ll happily continue!