Climbing Wall Maintenance

Climbing Wall at Shelley CollegeRoped climbing walls should be inspected and checked regularly, including an in-depth annual inspection in accordance with EN 12572-1:2007 Artificial Climbing Structures.

We can provide this detailed inspection and carry out any necessary repairs or improvements to ensure that your climbing wall is safe and fit for purpose.

See the following from the EN 12572-1:2007 standard:

The main inspection, according to the maintenance manual of the relevant manufacturer, is done to establish the overall level of safety of the ACS, its foundations, structural frame and wall surfaces, e.g. effects of weather, evidence of rotting or corrosion, and any change in the level of safety of the equipment as a result of repairs made, or of added or replaced components. Main inspections shall be documented.

Special attention shall be given to all protection systems, the structural frame and generally the inside of the ACS.

NOTE 2 The main inspection may require dismantling of certain parts and replacement of critical safety elements. This inspection of the equipment should be carried out by competent persons in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s in- structions.

NOTE 3 The level of competence required will vary with the task.

Contact us with details of your climbing wall and we will be happy to quote for this to be carried out on site, at your convenience.

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