Ongoing Maintenance

Climbing Wall Maintenance

In most cases our climbing walls see a large volume of traffic, and wear and tear is inevitable.  To keep the facility safe, looking good and continually challenging for the children/young people, we provide a maintenance service.

A maintenance visit will also extend our warranty on your wall for a further year, meaning we will sort any issues arising during that time until the next maintenance visit is due.

Your warranty

Our walls are guaranteed against failure or issues arising under normal use during a period of 5 years from the date of installation, provided we can perform a maintenance visit on an annual basis.

This guarantee does not include damage resulting from misuse of the facility, vandalism of the facility or the effect of usage that contravenes the normal intended purpose of the climbing wall.

What we offer

Our visit will include certain essential tasks which we always carry out to ensure the safety and good working order of the facility.

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Beyond this we also offer you some optional tasks and upgrades that you may wish us to carry out while we are on site.

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