Beal Yuji Climbing Rope 50m


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The Beal Yuji is a great 50m rope from the world leading rope manufacturer, lightweight and versatile this 10mm rope is ideal for indoor, single-pitch, trad and sport climbing.

The Yuji hasn’t been dry treated which means it’s cheaper to manufacture, and therefore has a lower price tag.
Also, it’s thinner sheath means that the weight is kept to a minimum which it perfect for summer, and dry weather climbing.
The Yuji is part of Beal’s ‘eco’ range. These ropes don’t have any surface treatment and are therefore more eco-friendly and cheaper to manufacture, but they have a higher impact force, and less capacity for cushioning falls.

Also, you can do your bit for the planet. When you buy any Beal rope they’ll plant a tree in the Andringitra National Park in Madagascar. So far they have planted 100,000 trees in 2 years!


  • 10mm x 50m Single Rope
  • ideal for indoor, single-pitch and sport climbing
  • Eco-Friendly – cheaper to manufacturer so great value for you and the planet
  • Buy A Rope = Plant A Tree

Technical Specifications

  • UIAA Falls – 6
  • Impact Force – 8kN
  • Sheath Percentage – 33%
  • Weight – 63g/m
  • Storage Time – 5 Years
  • Lifetime In Use – 10 years
  • Total Life Of Rope – 15 years

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