Brick Climbing Wall Kit – Sample Pack


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Try it first!  A sample version of our Brick Climbing Wall Kit so you can try out the system and see if it works with your wall.  It includes all the tools required, but with just one climbing hold and bolt.

If it works out well and you want the whole kit, just tick the box on the main kit page to tell us you’ve already got the tools.

IMPORTANT! The bricks need to be solid with no cavities. If it’s a blockwork wall, they need to be high density (not breezeblocks). If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll talk it through!

1 × Climbing Hold
1 × Hold Bolts
3 × Wedge Anchors
1 × Wedge anchor setting tool
1 × Hole Cleaning Brush
1 × Masonry SDS Drill Bit 12mm
1 × 6mm Hex Key

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