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Ergonomic and symmetrical climbing fingerboard from Core Climbing, Sheffield.

The ultimate training tool; a full range of grips from nice to nasty, skillfully created and evolved by climbers for climbers. Screw it up on your woody, in your attic or anywhere else where you might get the urge to toughen up those fingers.

Mounting the Climbing Fingerboard

As standard we don’t include any screws or fixings with the fingerboard. This is due to the fact that people mount the board onto various surfaces and there isn’t one solution for all. The board had six mounting holes for heavy duty screws. We would suggest attaching a piece of 18mm plywood onto the wall, using suitable expansion anchors or wall plugs. Then the fingerboard can be attached to the plywood using woodscrews, giving you the option to adjust the position if necessary. Alternatively you could attach the fingerboard directly to the wall using six heavy duty plastic wall plugs with screws.

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Our holds are made locally in Sheffield by the good people at Core Climbing Ltd. Since they are made fresh to order, they can take up to 3-4 days, but most of the time they’re quicker! Here is some further information on their holds for your reading pleasure:

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