Threaded Socket




These sockets can be installed into a solid wall (brick, concrete or stone) using resin, and provide a strong, permanent anchor for your holds.

Standard zinc sockets will last a long time but will eventually suffer from oxidation in the outdoors, making route changing more difficult. Grease them regularly to prevent this, or choose stainless steel sockets.

Total Length: 100mm
Diameter: 16mm
Internal Thread Length: 30mm
Drill Size: 18mm

If the wall you are drilling into is solid, with no cavities, you can drill an 18mm hole. Then clean the hole out, and inject with resin – we recommend Rawl R-KF2 Resin. The socket can then be carefully screwed into the hole by hand; allow excess resin to spill out and remove it. Screw the socket in until it sits just below the wall surface.

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