Climbing Wall at The Oakes Holiday Centre

The Oakes Holiday Centre

Situated in Norton, Sheffield, The Oakes Holiday Centre provides activity camps for 8 to 18 year olds all year round. Groups and individuals come to enjoy the activities on offer and to explore the message of Christianity as they do so.

The climbing wall at The Oakes was originally installed in 2003, as a long single section of climbing surface built onto an existing brick wall (shown above). Since then we have expanded and improved it, so that it’s even easier for the team at The Oakes to lead fun, structured sessions for the children who come on camps.

It now consists of a 13 metre long flat section of wall, which joins a steep overhanging roof, in a V shape. This then connects to the side wall of what we call the ‘shed’ which is a small room to climb round, with a window to climb through! We made a map to show where the routes are.