Rubber Crumb Safety Surfacing

  • Rubber Crumb Climbing Wall Surfacing

Rubber crumb safety surfacing is a durable safety surface for use on solid ground such as tarmac or concrete. In a range of thicknesses to suit the climbing wall, it has ramped outer edges to minimise any trip hazard around the area.

The metre square rubber crumb safety tiles are bonded to the ground surface and one another to form a continuous and secure surface around the outdoor climbing wall, that can easily be extended in the future.


  • Range of thicknesses from 10mm to 100mm
  • Hard wearing pre-moulded tiles
  • Permanently bonded to ground surface
  • Porous to allow water drainage
  • Standard colour is black
  • Red, green or blue available at additional 15%
Need some Rubber Crumb Tiles? Order them from us and install them yourself.

Do I need safety surfacing?

Good question. We refer to BS EN 1176-1:2008 which provides guidance on what type and thickness of surface is required for playground equipment. For climbing situations, the CFH (Critical Fall Height) is measured from the height of the highest climbing hold, minus 1m to the floor below. So if the highest climbing hold is 2m, the CFH required is 1m. Read some more on our blog post Safety Surfacing… or not?

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