The wall is proving extremely popular!
Chris Smith, Activity Officer at Greenhead Park
That’s amazing.. AMAZING.. wow it’s totally amazing, it really is. That’s really awesome. Amazing!!
PE Teacher at Gateway School
The wall is just amazing! Thank you so much. Thank you again Richard for such a wonderful climbing wall. You and your amazing team were a pleasure to work with.
Stephen Gillat – Assistant Head Teacher at Forest Gate Community School
Every person who has seen the wall thinks it is brilliant and cant wait to use it. The art work is definitely and big hit and will be distracting the students due the exams. Maybe they will use it as an excuse.
Steven Bishop – PE Teacher at Brighouse High School
The children are all loving the wall and it is busy all the time. The training materials and rules you sent were very helpful.
Jayne Whitehead
It was lovely to meet you in the holiday and your climbing wall is a great success, the children love it! Thank You!
Karen Hall – Administrator at Chater Infants School
Great, thank you so much Richard you have done an amazing job. The boys are loving the wall already and the impact has been amazing. We are delighted.
Ben Peyton – Deputy Head Master at Tower House School
The children all love the climbing wall! We are now using it left to right and they have really got the hang of it. It has also been good to try some of the challenges that you suggested and it is interesting to see that the children are now coming up with their own!Due to the popularity, we have had to have a timetable for playground use, but this seems to work well as they understand that their time will come during the week and stops them spending all of play time waiting for one go!I think really the main thing that has impressed me is how beneficial the walls are and that they can be used in safe and fun manner in such a small environment.

Callie Bance, Head of Games at Norland Place School

On behalf of the Friends we would like to thank you for this, it was far and away better than we had expected and has proven extremely popular from the day it was installed. It is a fabulous piece of kit.John Brighton, Secretary for the Friends of Millhouses Park
The climbing wall has been a massive success. All the children love it from the 7-year old Year 3s up to the nearly 12-year old Year 6’s. We have a class rota so that everyone gets a fair chance to use the walls but even this causes problems because it means that each of our 12 classes only get to use it about once every 3 weeks. Our supply can’t meet demand! All the teachers have taken it in turns to teach their children a number of games and activities they can play in order to get the most use and fun out of the walls and our School Councillors monitor the way it is used and come up with suggestions from time to time. In summary then – it’s been a great investment for the school providing fun and structured activities for everyone, and we anticipate this continuing for many years to come.Calum Kennedy – Teacher at St. George’s Junior School, Shrewsbury
The wall is proving extremely popular – we are booked up every day with both our own youngsters as well as visiting groups. A senior instructor from a major climbing centre in the area has commented that it is the best he has seen for this age range. It has worked so well for our centre that we are inviting Wall Climber back to extend the wall, creating a further four auto-belay lines.
Damian McDonnell
As far as feed back is concerned, the wall is great! I thought they would master it quite quickly but they keep having to get off because they’re exhausted – before they’ve completed one circuit! One older boy said it was harder than coasteering, which he’s been doing all summer in Cornwall. I think it will continue to challenge all but the most competent for quite a while. The extra holds that Richard provided by post were just what was required, having test run it with one of our most competent climbers. All the holds are still tight and I haven’t had to use the tool yet. We played a new game last Friday with two teams in competition with each other side by side on the highest end gable wall, putting a 2p coin into the two highest holds, with the next person in the team taking it out again and giving it to the next in their team. After a bit of team swapping to even them up, it became extremely close and competitive. They loved it and played it about six times. Most of the delays for both teams were caused by dropping the coin on handover with the next person!Robin Brackenbury, Assistant Scout Leader
I want to thank you for the brillant wall that you have installed. We are all thrilled with it!
Lynne Guyton – Treasurer of the Parents Association for The Falcons School
We have been really enjoying our wall since it was installed. The children all enjoy going on it and we have had only positive feedback. It especially looks good now the grass has grown through the matting.
Kieron Eaglestone, Teacher
Exceeded expectations.
– professionally made
– artwork good
– routes challenging but accessible for all children YR-Y6
– hand and footholds good quality
– Very good feedback from pupils, staff and parents
– great enthusiasm is generated
– children have fun and do exercise
– gives opportunities that cannot be offered in the school in any other way
– great for coordination, dexterity, balance and strength
Richard Humphrey, Head Teacher
The new climbing wall is fantastic! The children were so excited to see it being installed and have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since. We have had to work out a timetable so that all the children get a go- the queues were long! All the staff are impressed (even those who were a bit nervous of supervising at first) and we let the parents have a go at the summer fete – most were shown up by their children! The design is brilliant and admired by all visitors to the school. We are all delighted and have some promising young climbers!Hannah Abra, Teacher